Fancy Scrambled

Chef's Special



Breakfast Wraps
(Garnished with fresh herbs & basil pesto)
(Ask for no wrap for a carb-conscious breakfast)

Delectable French Toast
(Choice of white or brown bread)

Anytime High-Tea

Breakfast Tart



Speciality Quiches
Please ask your waitron for today's selection.
* Subject to availability / Please allow 15-20 min (Oven Heated)

Homemade Sweetcorn Bread
To take home
• Please order in advance
• Best served toasted or oven-heated
Note: Cayenne pepper is used in our Sweetcorn bread recipe

Sarmies & Wraps
Available on Croissant | 100% Rye | Homemade sweetcorn bread | Wrap
Add a serving of roast potato wedges | creamy herb potato salad | garden salad + R 26

Filled pancakes

Gourmet Platter for two

Grand Burgers
Accompanied by a choice of potato salad,
roast potato wedges or garden salad.
Add Avo + R 24
Available on homebaked sweetcorn bread

Hearty Meal




Cool Quenchers

Coffee & Tea


Warm Indulgences

Something a little stronger


White Wines


Red Wines


Teatime Delights
Visit our Treat Display to see today's selection